HR & Operational 支持 for Startups

  • Silicon Valley, SF Bay Area, and beyond
  • 25+ years working with startups
  • 400+ startups served
  • General HR/Operational 支持
  • PEO管理
  • Strategic Planning and 团队 Growth
  • 团队 Growth/新员工培训
  • 补偿 & 好处
  • Compliance and Employee Relations
General HR/Operational 支持

Keating can act as your startup’s entire internal HR department, effectively running most day-to-day operational and administration functions, leaving you to focus on other priorities.

  • 好处 administration
  • 新员工培训
  • 美国专利商标局跟踪
  • 费用报告
  • 旅游物流
  • Workers’ comp administration
  • General administrative assistance
Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Management

PEOs (TriNet, Insperity, ADP, etc.) can offer significant value and cost savings to startups, if the relationship is actively managed to take full advantage of the various offerings and benefits.

  • Experience interfacing with most major PEOs
  • Maximize value and advantages of various PEO offerings and programs
  • Act as internal interface/liaison with PEO
Strategic Planning and 团队 Growth

Keating helps startups plan for future growth, employee retention, change management, 合并, 集成, 和退出事件.

  • Employee handbook development and maintenance
  • Policies, procedures, and best practices
  • Actionable HR plans that support organizational goals and objectives
  • General workforce planning
  • Job analysis and job descriptions
  • Interviews and recruiting support
  • Organizational change support/facilitation
  • Succession Planning
  • bet356体育在线开户指标(e.g. turnover, cost to recruit)
团队 Growth/新员工培训

We can get new hires up and running properly.

  • New-hire processing/orientation
  • Employee Classification (Exempt/Non Exempt)
  • Background Checks
  • I9’s
  • Cap-table management
  • Reduction in force/termination
补偿 & 好处
  • 工资
  • Stock program administration
  • 健康, dental, and vision benefit administration
  • Retirement benefits
  • Unemployment insurance
  • State 残疾 insurance
  • Paid Family Leave
  • Required and optional benefits
  • Pay-for-Performance/Bonus programs
  • Needs assessments (i.e. 基准测试)
Compliance and Employee Relations

No matter what stage of the growth cycle your organization is in, legal and statutory laws are constantly changing.Keating advises and provides best-practice support in the following areas:

  • 歧视
  • 骚扰
  • 残疾 & 可访问性
  • Grievance, dispute and performance improvement policies
  • 纪律 & 终止
  • Compliance review

Providing a safe securing working environment for your employees and protecting the organization from potential liability is a top priority.

  • Workplace health, safety, security and privacy law compliance
  • Analysis of safety requirements
  • 疾病 & injury prevention programs

Silicon Valley, 旧金山 Bay Area, and Beyond

While the majority of Keating's interim CFO clients are based in Bay Area and Silicon Valley communities - including Campbell, 库比蒂诺, 维尔, 福斯特城, 洛斯拉图斯, 洛斯盖多斯, 门洛帕克, 山景城, 奥克兰, 帕洛阿尔托, 雷德伍德城, 旧金山, 圣荷西, 圣马特奥市, 圣克拉拉, and Sunnyvale - we also serve clients outside of California and the US. For several, we act as their Bay Area presence/office.

bet356体育在线开户 us to discuss how we can build and support your startup's financial and operational foundation.

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