We are a growing firm, serving an exciting startup community. We are always looking for sharp and energetic individuals to join our team. Send us a note and a resume at jobs@infopage.ccaphresynod.com. We'd love to talk.

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Job Descriptions

Financial Analyst

Are you analytical? Do you want to use your financial knowhow to help navigate and solve complex challenges? 您是否愿意帮助风投支持的初创公司做出合理的财务和战略决策,以推动初创公司的可持续和可扩展业务增长? Then we want you!

bet356体育在线开户正在寻找一名具有创业精神的金融分析师. 该职位将为bet356体育在线开户的客户提供兼职CFO/财务支持(该职位本身是全职为bet356体育在线开户的4-7个初创客户工作). You will have the opportunity for a multitude of exciting and challenging experiences, working very closely with our CFOs and Controllers, getting trained on all of the tricks of the trade to promote professional advancement.

如果你正在寻找机会加入,学习创业公司如何利用金融开发新的工具和见解来推动增长, get in touch!


Position Responsibilities:

  • 分析当前和过去关键业绩指标的趋势,包括所有领域的收入, cost of sales, expenses and capital expenditures
  • 监控性能指标,突出趋势并分析意外变化的原因
  • Oversee and manage the continued development of Budgeting, Financial Forecasting, Operating Plan and Modeling tools
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting and 分析
  • Quarterly and monthly financial reports
  • Implement and work with a Business Intelligence Tool and Dashboard reports
  • 通过评估过程来提高效率和理解市场营销项目的ROI来提高绩效, menu pricing, new store rollouts, as well as new projects
  • Develop financial models and analyses to support strategic initiatives
  • 分析复杂的财务信息和报告,为管理层的决策提供准确和及时的财务建议
  • 支持ing senior management team and department heads with in-depth analysis
  • Prepare presentations to Board of Directors and senior management team


  • 3+ year experience in Financial Planning & 分析
  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting or 金融
  • Proven understanding of GAAP in constructing financial modeling and reports
  • Strong leadership skills required
  • Excellent verbal and writing abilities
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint skills
  • Highest standards of accuracy and precision; highly organized
  • Ability to think creatively, highly driven and self-motivated. Highly detail-oriented; ability to meet deadlines and demonstrate effective problem-solving skills
  • 具有卷起袖子,与团队成员一起工作的实际管理能力



  • 建立, monitor and enforce a comprehensive set of internal controls, establish policies and procedures around accounting and financial related issues
  • 建立 GAAP accounting standards and procedures
  • 为客户准备各种公司月度和年度财务报告,包括合并财务报表, income statements, balance sheet statements, cash-flow statements, 等.
  • 根据董事会或银行的要求,协助监督对客户会计账簿的外部审计,并保持尽职调查记录
  • 确保财务报告符合公认会计准则和既定的会计准则和程序


  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting, 金融 or Economics required
  • Five years of experience as a Senior Accountant or two years as a Controller
  • 在成本/存货核算和收入确认和/或SAAS核算和收入确认方面有丰富的经验
  • Experience of accounting for consolidations and other business combinations
  • Experience with international and multi-currency accounting
  • Experience working with startups or smaller companies
  • Must be comfortable working in fast-paced, changing environments - this role will have 5-10 clients at any given time, depending on the size of the client.
  • Comprehensive experience on supporting external and internal audit, due diligence, as well as income tax return matters.


  • CPA or CPA training
  • Consulting Experience
  • Experience in purchase accounting


Senior Accountant

Are you a GL accountant looking to better hone your skills? 你是否希望通过接触不同的系统和行业来加速你的职业发展? 你想了解如何为初创公司建立并扩大整个会计部门的规模吗? Then we want you!

bet356体育在线开户正在寻找一名具有创业精神的高级会计师. 这个职位将为bet356体育在线开户的许多客户提供兼职会计支持(这个职位本身是全职为bet356体育在线开户的4-7个初创客户工作). 您将与bet356体育在线开户的管制员和职员会计师密切合作,帮助bet356体育在线开户的客户建立他们的会计实践,并将他们的财务水平提高到一个新的水平.

如果你正在寻找一个机会快速晋升为初创公司的控制者, get in touch!

Position Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with Controller and Staff Accountant on the month-end close process, 包括准备日记账分录和月末银行/总账对账,并根据公认会计准则生成财务报表
  • Work on all aspects of critical accounting operations including A/P, A/R, Rec牧师, COGS calculations, consolidations, payroll and other GL accounting duties
  • 与财务总监紧密合作,代表客户建立并执行公司的会计政策
  • Identify opportunities for and assist in the design, documentation, 并实施流程改进和增加控制,以支持客户不断增长的运营.
  • Lead and Manage Sales/Use 税 administrations as needed on behalf of our clients


  • BA/BS in Accounting or Business preferred
  • Deep understanding of accrual basis accounting
  • Strong Excel and other MS Office Skills
  • Ability to run the month-end closing process and review financials
  • QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite and/or Bill.com/Expensify skills preferred
  • Strong written and communication skills
  • Ability to work alone and in teams
  • Willing to travel within the Bay Area for client meetings
  • Willingness to take on responsibility and grow; self-starter, team player
  • Proactive in taking on responsibility with a can-do attitude
  • Organized with the ability to prioritize on tasks


We’re looking for strong full-time accountants with an entrepreneurial spirit. 如果您希望通过在多个行业、多个平台积累经验来加速您的职业发展,bet356体育在线开户欢迎您加入bet356体育在线开户的团队! Come help the exciting start ups scale from the ground level and up.

Position requirements:

  • 深刻理解GAAP会计(有SaaS业务模式经验和/或库存经验优先)
  • Ability to run month end close process
  • Full AR and AP processing knowledge
  • GL条目
  • 工资 processing
  • Month and 一年 End Financial Close
  • Experience on audit, and income tax filing
  • Balance Sheet Account Reconciliations
  • Strong Writing and Communication Skills
  • Ability to work alone and in teams
  • Excellent multitasking skills in a fast paced environment

客户遍布整个湾区:东湾,南湾,半岛和旧金山. Must be willing and able to travel to these locations.

QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite, Intaact, Bill.com, Expensify Skills preferred

Experience Needed: 3-5+ years relevant accounting experience; technology industry experience preferred

Staff Accountant

bet356体育在线开户正在寻找有组织和彻底的工作人员会计,渴望学习和成长. 如果您希望通过在多个行业、多个平台积累经验来加速您的职业发展,bet356体育在线开户欢迎您加入bet356体育在线开户的团队! Join us help exciting startups scale from the ground level and up.

The position requires:

  • AR and AP processing experience/Cash Reconciliations
  • Basic Accounting Knowledge (structure of financial statements, journal
    entries, debits/credits 等)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong Excel and other MS Office Skills
  • Ability to work alone and in teams
  • Proactive in taking on responsibility with a can-do attitude
  • Organized with the ability to prioritize on tasks

客户遍布整个湾区:东湾,南湾,半岛和旧金山. Must be willing and able to travel to these locations up to one or two days a week.

QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite, Intaact, Bill.com, Expensify Skills preferred

Education: BA/BS in Accounting or Business preferred

HR Generalist

Are you passionate about your work? Are you good at helping others? Do you have strong organizational skills and can multi-task? Do you like to help companies grow? Then we want you!

We are in search of an HR Generalist with an entrepreneurial approach to their craft. This position will provide HR and recruiting support to our clients. 对于那些有两三年工作经验,正在寻找新的挑战的人来说,这是一个很好的机会.

The position, based out of our office in San Mateo, 将与bet356体育在线开户的客户(位于大旧金山湾区)一起工作,并成为bet356体育在线开户团队的一员. Ideal candidates are professional, 有良好的人际交往能力和项目管理能力,能适应快节奏的工作, consulting environment.


  • 招聘:与招聘经理合作,帮助制定职责/角色,并撰写工作描述, candidate sourcing, conduct effective prescreens and interviews, give valuable input into selecting the best candidate for hire
  • 工资: process payroll (ADP, 由衷的高兴, Paychex, Paylocity, 等), 在bet356体育在线开户信息系统中维护扣除/直接存款/员工变动的记录.
  • Benefits: Maintain insurance benefits packages for team members.
  • 入职:作为新员工融入组织和新岗位的联络人.
  • 遵守联邦、州和当地的就业和福利法律法规.
  • Administer HR policies and procedures.
  • All other duties as assigned


  • Minimum of 2-3 years of Human Resource experience preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
  • Recruiting and payroll experience required
  • Ability to handle and maintain confidentiality
  • Knowledge of city, state and federal regulations
  • Willing to travel in the SF Bay Area to visit client sites
  • Self starter and able to work independent of direct supervision

We are a fast growing professional services firm located in San Mateo, providing back office support (accounting, HR and finance) to venture-backed, technology start-up companies throughout the Bay Area. 如果你正在寻找一个机会与各种行业和公司在技术和商业的前沿工作, get in touch!

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract